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Printin’ Exhibition at MoMA turns heads!

Printmaking is one of the most traditional forms of art and is now more unique than ever, thanks to Ellen Gallagher! From Feb 15 - May 14, the MoMA will have the Printin’ Exhibition!

Don’t know what printmaking is?

There are 4 main types of Printmaking - Woodcut, Etching, Lithography, and Screen printing. Printmaking is beneficial because your original work can be duplicated. First, an image is created on a matrix such as a stone, screen or wood and then it is inked. The inky image is then transported to a piece of paper (usually through a press) to create an original print. Awesome, right?

Ellen Gallagher has over 60 works that will be displayed, all of which she really pushes the limits of traditional printmaking.

Ellen Gallagher uses screen printing as well as lithography in this piece.

Black Combs by Ellen Gallagher

Photo Manipulation

Ellen Gallagher takes photo manipulation to new extremes and pushes the traditional printmaking process she is used to in this piece.

Talk about an artist that has really made an impact! Don’t miss seeing her art at the MoMA!


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